Russia urges EU to create the conditions for the return of Syrian refugees

MOSCOW, July 26. /TASS/. Russia is convinced that without addressing the issue of returning Syrian refugees there can be no lasting settlement in Syria, the EU should facilitate this process. In an interview with TASS said the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Grushko.

“This theme (the return of refugees – approx. TASS) haven’t gone anywhere. We’re talking to everyone without exception, not only with Europeans but also with other countries that can play a role in this issue. Of course, without addressing the issue of returning Syrian refugees it is impossible to achieve a lasting settlement in the country,” – said a senior diplomat.

“I would like to think that in the interest of Europeans who want to take immigration pressure. This can be achieved only by promoting the creation of conditions for the return of refugees,” – said the Deputy Minister.

In addition, according to him, Brussels should rebuild the whole territory of Syria, and not the individual parts. “The EU is making a big mistake, stating that the plans for the reconstruction of Syria will be carried out only in the territories controlled by the opposition. This is the wrong approach, – said the Agency interlocutor. – Believe that there should be no exceptions, we need to talk about Syria as a holistic state and solve problems that way”.

Cooperation with NATO

Grushko added that Russia and NATO have a sufficient basis to prevent dangerous military incidents, the Russian side is ready to enhance dialogue in the field.

“We have enough base to help avoid dangerous incidents of a military nature, – the diplomat noted. – However, we are ready to move forward on the basis of bilateral agreements. There are more than ten such agreements with the countries of NATO, in fact with anyone who has appropriate air and ground assets”.

He recalled that Moscow a few years ago proposed a number of options, “how to move in the direction of strengthening the regimes through bilateral channels”. “We were ready to hold consultations with NATO countries,” – said the Deputy Minister.