Rodnina called PR campaign of the collection Poklonskaya parliamentary Committee on the scandal

MOSCOW, July 27. /TASS/. Deputy Chairman of the Duma international Affairs Committee Irina Rodnina (“United Russia”) believes that the Deputy Natalia Poklonskaya is trying to sell themselves, collecting the Duma Commission on control over reliability of data on incomes of deputies during the scandal surrounding her decision to vote against the bill on changes in pension system contrary to the opinion of the faction. About Rodnina told TASS.

Poklonskaya was the only Deputy from the “United Russia” which on July 19 voted against the adoption in the first reading the bill on amendments to pension legislation, and the decision she made in spite of the consolidated position of fraction. July 26, due to the lack of quorum the meeting was cancelled Poklonskaya led by the Duma Commission on control over reliability of data on incomes of deputies.

“For two years, the second time she collects a Commission. And each time collecting a fee – this is the second case turns into a PR campaign,” said Rodnina TASS, commenting on the failure of the meeting of the Commission.

“I’m working in another Commission [parliamentary ethics], and we have virtually every two months, always collected and discussed, without any press, just normal work,” said Rodnina. In her opinion, Russia “is losing the trust of comrades in the faction”.

Talking about ways of development of the situation, Rodnina said that he could “only say the fact that the faction expressed their distrust Poklonskaya”. “She [Taylor] an adult, it should take its decisions”, – concluded the Chairman of the Duma Committee.

Earlier, the leader of the Duma United Russia Sergey Neverov suggested that Poklonski is “make the decision” to withdraw from the faction, if its position does not coincide with the consolidated position. Itself Poklonski said that is not going to leave the faction.