The Federation Council approved the law on the Day of adoption of the Crimea to the Russian Empire

MOSCOW, July 28. /TASS/. The Federation Council on Saturday approved a law establishing a new memorable date of Russia. Are you referring to April 19, the Day of the adoption of the Crimea, Taman and Kuban in the Russian Empire (1783). The speaker of the upper chamber Valentina Matvienko, and a group of deputies and senators was made by the authors of the document.

“The adoption on 19 April 1783, the Crimea under the protection of the Russian Empire at the request of its inhabitants, suffering from war, has become a legitimate form of joining of Crimea in structure of Russia”. This is stated in the explanatory documents to the bill. There emphasizes that “the people of new Russian lands, including the Crimean Tatars, was granted equal rights with other subjects of the Russian Empire”. This, in particular, the right to security and protection of person, property, right protection of religious and cult constructions, and also the right to freedom of religion.

The establishment of this date, “confirms the continuity of the stay of the Crimea and Sevastopol part of the Russian state” and it “will testify about the historical validity and the legality of the referendum on the reunification of Crimea with Russia.”

In addition, “it [the establishment] will allow to draw attention to crucial for Russia to decision – making 19 April 1783, the Crimea, Taman and Kuban in the Russian Empire, place and role in this outstanding event of the great Empress Catherine II”.

Franz Klintsevich, a member of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security, said that the law bears “a powerful Patriotic charge” and will work primarily to strengthen the unity of Russian society.

“But it can be considered and a response issued recently by the state Department “Crimean Declaration” in which the United States confirmed its refusal to accept the reunification of the Crimea with Russia”, – said Klintsevich.