Observers from Russia noted the high level of training of Cambodia to elections in the Parliament

Phnom PENH, July 29. /Offset. TASS Yuri D./. Russian observers noted the high level of training, which provided the government of Cambodia to passing Sunday in the Kingdom elections to the lower house of Parliament. The group of international observers from 538 people entered about 20 citizens of Russia, representing the state Duma, the Federation Council, the CEC and the Public chamber.

“Local authorities did a great job in preparation for the elections. We have checked the readiness of polls, the comments did not arise,” – said in an interview with TASS Deputy of the state Duma from party “Fair Russia” Alexei chepa, who heads the parliamentary group of friendship between Russia and Cambodia. He noted that voting takes place in a relaxed atmosphere, with notable high voter turnout. “The results of these elections will determine the policy of Cambodia on the next five-year period, and we see that voters are taking this into consideration very seriously to the performance of their civic duty,” – said the Deputy.

The Russian parliamentarian drew attention to the fact that the current elections to the National Assembly differ from the previous a large number of participants. “This time, the mandates of parliamentarians fighting 20 parties in the last election there were 18. The fact that the number of parties is gradually increasing, testifies to the active development of the democratic process in Cambodia,” says Chepe.

Another member of the group of observers from Russia – state Duma Deputy from the party “United Russia” Alexei Khokhlov, told TASS that the delegation of observers from Russia was specially invited by the Central election Commission (CEC) of Cambodia. “We were invited to watch the preparations for voting, the elections and evaluate them from the point of view of compliance with the Cambodian law on elections. Impressions here are very positive, it’s safe to say that the CEC and the country as a whole is adequately prepared to conduct the most important in the political life of this year’s event,” – said the Deputy.

Cambodian authorities have repeatedly stated that they intend to provide full transparency sixth in the country’s modern history of elections to the lower house of Parliament. To this end, the CEC was invited and accredited as official observers to the elections, over 80 thousand local and foreign citizens, as well as representatives of international organizations.

Election of deputies to the National Assembly (lower house of Parliament) are held at nearly 23 thousand polling stations established throughout the country. According to the CEC, of the nearly 16 million of Cambodia’s citizens have the right to vote more than 8.3 million people.