Russia called on the U.S. to stop the unjustified persecution of Butynol

MOSCOW, August 3. /TASS/. Moscow demands to stop the unjustified persecution of Russian citizen’s Butinai and to ensure its early return to the Motherland, said Friday the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

According to the diplomat, the case against Butinai fabricated, as well as “due solely to violent political clashes in the United States and the desire to cast a shadow” on Russia. The foreign Ministry hopes that the international community and relevant international organizations pay attention to “arbitrariness”.

“We demand to stop the unjustified persecution of Butynol and to ensure its early return to the Motherland”, – said Zakharov.

According to her, Russian diplomats in Washington have continued to monitor the fate of Butynol and found that the conditions “poor”.

“The attitude of [Butinai] in prison as a dangerous criminal, she is placed in solitary confinement and is under round-the-clock supervision, at the entrance on duty guards, who repeatedly raided at night, purportedly to check, turned on the light and not allowed to sleep”, – noted Zakharov.

The diplomat noted that unlike other prisoners, Butinai not allowed to walk outdoors. Zakharova also said that she kept in a very cold room and it poor diet.

“All these questions were posed to the American side,” she said. Diplomats asked to immediately correct the situation at a personal meeting with the leadership of the prison, and also sent an official request to the American authorities.

“Insist on the innocence of Butynol. The accusations against her are devoid of common sense. As alleged evidence used her personal correspondence in social networks, pulled out fragmentary phrases which seek to give a distorted meaning, – said Zakharov. – It is obvious that no crime Russian woman didn’t commit.”