Media: the new sanctions of the U.S. Congress against Russia will be a problem for European companies

WASHINGTON, August 15. /TASS/. New sanctions of the U.S. Congress against Russia can become a serious test for the financial and energy companies from the United States and Europe. This opinion was expressed on Wednesday, columnist, The Hill Sylvan lane and Timothy cama.

The article says that firms that violate the sanctions could face “debilitating consequences and the risk of being excluded from the US financial system”. “These sanctions can have a comprehensive impact not only on Russian energy companies and their partners in countries that are key US allies”, – the newspaper cites the opinion specializing sanctions lawyer Barbara Linnaeus.

“The sanctions that were previously affected foreign companies investing in certain Russian oil and gas projects, now also affect other projects,” say the experts. The authors are unable to obtain comment from U.S. companies ExxonMobil and Chevron about the new anti-Russian sanctions that can apply to these companies.

The experts also believe that the sanctions that can be imposed on the banking sector of Russia, will affect all of the transactions Western and Russian banks. They affect not only forbidden by the American authorities of the transaction and legal, as companies are afraid to fall under the restrictions of the US because of the contact with these financial institutions.

Us senators August 2, introduced in Congress a bill that toughens anti-Russian restrictive measures. In particular, the document envisages “the tightening of sanctions against energy and financial sectors of Russia”, its “oligarchs and state-owned enterprises”, the application of the “sanctions against the Russian sovereign debt”. Also we are talking about a “ban on the issuance of licenses to U.S. citizens to participate in activities associated with specific projects on oil production in the Russian Federation”.

The author is Democrat Senator Robert Menendez (new Jersey), co-authors are Lindsey Graham (Republican, South Carolina), John McCain (Republican, Arizona), Cory Gardner (Republican, Colorado), Ben Cardin (Democrat, Maryland), Jeanne Shaheen (Democrat, new Hampshire). They characterize their initiative as “comprehensive legislation enhancing sanctions pressure on Russia.”