Bloomberg: Apple CEO can get 280 thousand shares of the company

TASS, August 22. Apple CEO Tim cook may obtain shares of the company approximate value of about $120 million On Wednesday according to Bloomberg.

Cook will get 280 thousand shares, put him as the head of Apple. In addition, it can retrieve additional 280 thousand shares, the profitability of the company’s shares on the stock market over the last three years higher than two thirds of the companies included in the S&P 500 index. The total value of the securities could reach $120 million

In 2017, half of the shares from 560 thousand put cook as a bonus, went to cover taxes. The remaining half was sold and brought Apple’s $43 million in Addition, cook received a salary of $3 million and a cash bonus of $9 million.

At the moment, as the cook reaches $700 million, according to Bloomberg.

In August, the market capitalization of Apple has exceeded $1 trillion. At the time of death of the previous head of the company Steve jobs in 2011, its market capitalization was $350 billion.