Facebook has removed more than 650 “associated with Russia and Iran” accounts and groups

NEW YORK, August 22. /TASS/. Facebook removed 652 account, groups and pages for “coordinated false behavior” on the platform of this social network app Instagram. This is stated in the blog Facebook.

“Some of these actions were taken beginning in Iran, others in Russia”, – stated in the statement.

Deleted pages, according to Facebook, “can be associated with the sources identified earlier by the US government as services of the Russian military intelligence”. “This does not apply to the actions identified in Iran,” the statement reads. According to him, some of these accounts were removed earlier for cyber attacks before elections in the United States in 2016, and the content of other, relatively recent, was devoted to “politics in Syria and Ukraine.”

31 July, Facebook claimed that it managed to detect another attempt to exert political influence by posting messages on the fake pages on the eve of the midterm elections in the U.S. Congress. According to the newspaper the New York Times, the representatives of the social network told us lawmakers during several meetings held in the Congress at the end of July. According to Facebook, professionals the social network managed to capture a deliberate campaign to sow discord in American society by placing communications concerning political or acute social themes.

Washington has repeatedly accused Moscow of meddling in the presidential election of 2016 in the United States. At the moment, the proceedings on this bill continue to hold the FBI, ad hoc Committee on intelligence of the Senate of the U.S. Congress, as well as the unit assigned by the Ministry of justice of spectacular Robert Mueller. The President of the United States Donald trump and his aides have repeatedly rejected all allegations of any improper contacts with Russian officials during the election campaign. Moscow has many times denied allegations of attempts to influence the presidential elections in the United States.