Belousov told about the meeting with the business

MOSCOW, August 24. /TASS/. Mandatory involvement in the implementation of the may decree will not, said the Russian presidential aide Andrei Belousov. According to him, to Finance the execution of the may decree by taxes wrong, the companies themselves are ready to engage in the agenda.

“I can tell that the conversation was positive. Very pleasantly surprised by the fact that companies are actively ready to engage in the public agenda of the next six – year cycle,” he said, adding that we are talking about the areas that affect the activities of companies – infrastructure, environment, digitalisation, etc.

“The question is how to ensure funding for these key areas. To do this by using tax time when companies are ready to go in this agenda, of course, wrong. If companies are willing, then you need to create the conditions that they were there”, he said.

While Belousov said that mandatory involvement in the implementation of the may decree will not. “About any mandatory action on the “push” of the business in the implementation of such projects is out of the question. But, of course, and it will be interesting, and the government will be interested to see how the business is willing to lend a shoulder for the realization of such a public agenda,” he said, noting that companies are ready to join the work of public the agenda for the next six years.

Companies ‘ investments in state projects

According to him, the investments of the companies from list “Belousova” in important state projects can total 200-300 billion rubles. “500 billion [rubles] is the upper bound. I think if we really 200-300 billion only at the expense of these companies will find a resource would be a very good result,” he said.

The assistant to the President appreciated the extra revenue from exchange rate differences of 700 billion rubles per year. “This is a huge resource, part of which, of course, can be used to implement the agenda, which I was today,” he said.

Belousov did not rule out that the involvement of business in priority state projects can be used infrastructure bonds (issued to Finance infrastructure projects). According to him, to engage business in projects that meet public objectives, the government will use subsidies, state guarantees, special investment contacts (SPIC) and the mechanism of public-private partnerships.

The Deputy President noted that the increase in dividend payments due to the additional revenues from improved market conditions could adversely affect the reputation of companies. “I think that such actions harm the reputation of the business. Can cause (damage) such action when the company, for example, will increase the payment of dividends, such income (windfall – approx. TASS),” said Belousov.

According to assistant President of the company who participated in the discussion, understand their social responsibility.

The working group

Assistant to the President added that the Russian authorities together with businesses will establish a working group, which until mid-October, will develop financial models of business involvement in the implementation of priority national projects.

“Working group will be created, which will be led by [the head of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs] Aleksandr Shokhin and first Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance] Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov. The task of this working group is to until mid October to decide on the three positions, – said Belousov. The first is a financial model and mechanisms of participation of big business in the implementation of such [socially important] projects. The second is a set of projects that are in line with the priorities of social development. And the third is measures of state support, which you must use in order to make such projects attractive to big business.”

Obligations of the business in the implementation of such projects will not be added Belousov. Specific arrangements will be determined in November, with a 2019 start them into action. Shokhin, in turn, noted that the working group and state-owned companies.

Belousov also said that together with the first Vice-Premier, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov expects August 24 report to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on the meeting with the business. “The government is obliged to make the report. But we will try with Mr Siluanov today to report to the President [Vladimir Putin] about the outcome,” said assistant to the President.