Manufacturers support the introduction of minimum price of wine to combat the surrogate

MOSCOW, August 24. /TASS/. Producers of alcoholic products of leading wine regions — the Crimea and Dagestan believe that the increase in the retail price of cognac and champagne, as well as the introduction of minimum prices for wine will not hit consumers due to insignificant growth, but will withdraw from the market of surrogate products. Customers will have the opportunity to purchase a high-quality cognac, champagne and wine, not to make a choice in favor of their cheaper counterparts, as prices equalize them.

As reported previously TASS the Chairman of the National Union of consumer protection Paul Shapkin following the meeting of the expert Council of the Federal alcohol market regulatory service, the minimum retail price of cognac is proposed to increase from 371 to 500 rubles on champagne — from 164 to 175 rubles. The experts also recommended to introduce minimum prices for wine products. The minimum price of a 0.7 litre bottle of grape and fruit still wines on a store shelf must be at least 110 rubles, experts say.

Now Russia sets minimum retail prices for vodka (205 rubles per 0.5 liter), cognac (371 rubles per 0.5 liter) and champagne (164 rubles per 0.75 liters). The minimum rates for wine and wine beverages is not installed. Earlier it was reported that the Finance Ministry is ready to consider the introduction of a minimum retail price for wine, if this decision is supported by market participants.

On the shelves — only natural

Crimean winemaker Pavel Shvets, the founder of the only wineries in Russia, which produces biodynamic wine, Uppa Winery, told TASS that grow grapes and manufacture wine, brandy or champagne is more expensive than in Europe, as “we have a zone of risky agriculture, loans expensive, the equipment and raw materials, specialists from abroad”. However, in the stores many products, “made from raw materials of unknown origin”.

“Having low cost when [the wine] is made of such a surrogate, it becomes much cheaper than wine made from Russian grapes. And raising the minimum prices of wine will make it so that those producers who grow grapes, will be much more comfortable, their products will be in demand,” says Shvets.

CEO was founded in the late nineteenth century, Derbent factory of sparkling wines Magomed Sadulayev in conversation with the correspondent. TASS suggested that it would be optimal, “at least 120 rubles to make a minimum price for wine.” “We raised the issue of minimum prices for wine, because many of surrogate wines on the Russian market 80%, of unknown origin, sell for 60 rubles per liter. The market is full of substitutes, shall be governed by, the real wine producers suffer,” he said. According to Sadulayeva, it is necessary to define wine beverages and increase the excise tax per liter to 36 rubles to support producers of natural wines and to protect consumers.

The need to increase the minimum prices for cognac is long overdue, says the Director of the Kizlyar brandy factory Evgeny Druzhinin, since the increased cost. According to him, in case of increase of minimum prices the cost of a bottle of genuine cognac and brandy, produced from low quality raw materials will be adjusted, “there will already be the buyer to choose, to dictate quality”.

Champagne is considered real only in that case when it is prepared from qualitative grapes according to the traditional technology, which is important for long-term aging in the bottle. According to him, “compliance with these requirements may not be cheap: in our company the cost is higher than the suggested minimum retail prices.”

Winemaker Shvets also believes that the establishment of minimum prices for wine, if it will be around 100, will not affect the consumers. “100 rubles for the wine — it’s a low price. I don’t even know the wine, which would be normal for consumption and would cost cheaper than 100 rubles,” — he added.

The prices that are offered to install on drinks, “correspond roughly to the lower boundary for minimum acceptable quality in each category,” said the General Director of the Crimean winery Alma Valley Andrey Grigoriev. If he did not believe raising the minimum price the ultimate way out of the situation. “Significant effect for the consumer, this measure by itself, without an integrated approach to promoting the quality and protect the market from counterfeit, and will not reach. Quality wine and so are in retail not less than 110 rubles,” — he explained TASS.

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