Trump decided to introduce concessions on exports to the U.S. aluminum and steel for some countries

WASHINGTON, August 30. /TASS/. The US President Donald trump has signed a decree giving South Korea and Brazil concessions on steel exports, and for Argentina to export steel and aluminium. This is stated in the press release of the Ministry of Commerce showed Wednesday.

The statement said that the company can apply for additional quota, if due to the quantity and quality of the market will be a lack of American steel. “President trump once again showed their support for American workers and businesses, protecting national interests from the threat posed by imported steel and aluminium, presented in a press release, the words of the trade Minister of Wilbur Ross. – This Declaration [trump] gives the Ministry an opportunity to do relief for quotas, as has the opportunity to make exceptions to the tariffs.”

At the initiative of the Central States in the last few months has taken a number of significant protectionist measures to change the balance in international trade in their favor. In March the United States began to impose duties on steel imports (25%) and aluminium (10%), giving a number of countries a reprieve. From June 1 the restrictive measures entered into force in respect of the European Union, Canada and Mexico, the closest economic partners of the United States.

In June, the U.S. announced the imposition of duties against China at the rate of 25% on imported from this country goods worth $50 billion. 10 Aug trump ordered the doubling of the duty on steel and aluminium from Turkey – up to 50% and 20% respectively.