Capitalization of OAO NOVATEK for the first time exceeded the cost of “Gazprom”

Moscow. September 6. INTERFAX.RU – Shares in NOVATEK on Thursday morning once again updated the historical maximum, having tested the mark of 1150 rubles, while the capitalization of the company for the first time surpassed the value of all “Gazprom” and came in fourth place after “Rosneft” , Sberbank and LUKOIL.

By 10:26 GMT capitalization NOVATEK increased to 3,4893 trillion rubles, the company’s shares rose to 1150 roubles (+2.7 percent).

The action “Gazprom” have grown on 0,2%, to 147,36 ruble; capitalization increased to 3,4888 trillion rubles.

Capitalization of Rosneft is 4,6017 trillion rubles, Sberbank – 4,0175 trillion rubles, LUKOIL – 3,935 trillion rubles.

According to the latest disclosed data, the largest shareholder of “NOVATEK” is Leonid Mikhelson, who owns 24,76%, the Volga Group Gennady Timchenko owns 23,49%, French Total – 18,9%, “Gazprom” – 9,99%, free float 27%.

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